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I’m a Navy wife living in Santee (near San Diego, CA) who loves taking pictures, and am ready to jump at any opportunity to travel!

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Winter's Last Hurrah

March 20, 2012  •  2 Comments

Winter put on a good show for its final weekend - cold, windy, wet weather for San Diego! With the storm came big waves and a high surf advisory. I spent a bit of time on Sunday at Imperial Beach enjoying the brisk air and taking a few photos of the big waves licking at the bottom of the pier.

Imperial Beach Pier, High Surf Advisory

Imperial Beach Pier, High Surf Advisory

Imperial Beach Pier, High Surf Advisory

Imperial Beach Pier, High Surf Advisory

If you look closely beyond the churning water above you can see the skyline of downtown San Diego in the distance.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the stormy weather! I'm not sure if that was the last big storm we will see this winter, but if it was I'm glad I had one last chance to throw on my heavy jacket and a scarf for a walk on the beach.

Bonus tip: Check out The Tin Fish at the end of the the Imperial Beach Pier.  Awesome fish & chips and very reasonable prices. I'll definitely be going back!


2.Angela Andrieux Photography
Thanks @RC! I don't have any fancy gear for shooting in the rain. For shooting this past weekend I was lucky to catch a break in the storm, but other times when I've shot in the rain I'm usually holding an umbrella between my cheek & shoulder while shooting and then keeping the camera tucked inside my jacket when I'm not. I also carry a plastic grocery bag in each of my camera bags, just in case. I can wrap up the camera (or bag with camera in it) and run for the car if I have to. :) A rain sleeve might be a good idea - let me know how it works out for you!
1.RC Slaughter Photography
Wow! I love the power you captured of the waves! I just bought a rain sleeve for my camera so I can try to shoot in a *light* rain... and I won't be so nervous when I'm near the shore. My favorites are probably the "foreboding" feelings you have going in your second and fourth photo. Nice job. :-)
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